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In Cigar Game, players take the role of cigar manufacturers. Acquiring leaves and production methods from regions all over the world, players will attempt to create some of the most unique and desirable cigars in the hopes of gaining the title of the Most Prestigious Cigar Maker.

Cigar Game features drafting mechanics which players will use to gain tobacco leaves, as well as a variety of methods in which to grow, ferment, and age them.

Each cigar is formed by combining three leaves together to form the wrapper, binder, and filler. Prestige points are gained based on the leaves used for the cigar, how long it was aged, and any added modifiers. Additional objectives can be met through rolling and selling cigars to gain extra Prestige points. The player with the most Prestige at the end wins!

Enjoy Cigar Game with friends at home or the local cigar lounge over a nice drink and your favorite stick. Being easy to learn and quick fun will make Cigar Game a group favorite for years to come and a great gift for the cigar aficionados in your life.

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