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What is HEX Hazard Extreme

HEX Hazard Extreme (HEX) is a new dice game that uses “wager drafting” combined with traditional side wagers to create a unique gaming experience.

What Sets HEX Apart

HEX was designed from the very beginning around a problem: Millennials and young adults are playing fewer traditional casino games.

To solve this, HEX uses modern mechanics and visual design that board game fans of every age will be able to identify on first sight. Additionally, in order to be viable within current gaming spaces, the game was designed to work in place of a traditional game: Craps.

HEX uses the same layout and dealer structure as Craps and can easily replace a low performing table - increasing game diversity without changing the aesthetics of the casino floor or shifting schedules. With a felt change, a set of HEX player tokens, and a few minutes of training, any Craps table can quickly be re-purposed into a HEX table.

Basics of Play

Hub Wagers

Starting with the HEAD of the game board, each player wagers one-at-a-time, and in turn order, on an available lettered position on their game board.


Side Bets

Once all desired hub wagers have been made, players may wager on any side bets.


Rolling the Dice

Finally, the ROLLER of the table rolls a pair of dice. Any hub adjacent to the total rolled awards the possessing player a payout. Play continues until a seven is rolled.


In the event of a seven: all hub wagers are lost, the HEAD token is given to the next player clockwise on that game board and the ROLLER token passed clockwise around the table, and a new round of wagers begins.

Game Board and Layouts


Interested in licensing HEX Hazard Extreme or purchasing a prototype version? Please use the contact form below to reach out. *Price of prototype varies by full size or scaled versions and custom requests.

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